Educare Room

2 to 5 years

Our Caterpillar Group (Ages 2-3)
Our Butterfly Group (Ages 3-5)

Our Ethos

In our Educare room, the children will be encouraged at each stage of their development so that they will be well adjusted individuals, able to cope with life as they grow up. We encourage children to be explorers, enquirers and experimenters which will enable them to become successful learners and have a confident approach to their work.

We also encourage them to be contributors to the nurseries calm and relaxing environment whilst allowing them to take control of their learning and we use lots of children’s ideas when planning throughout the nursery.

We look closely at where the children are in their development and we work with them to discover how to take their learning forward. The pace of learning and our high staff ratio’s enables staff to get to know the children personally and to take full account of the individual children’s experiences and interests.

We have ensured that the combination of our learning approach and nursery environment ensures that the children we care for continue to develop self esteem and grow in confidence.

Educare Room Routine

The children are split into their own small, age-appropriate groups and each group has their own nursery teacher who gets to know each child individually and will plan accordingly to their stages of developments and their likes and dislikes.Our learning environment is stimulating and challenging.

Our room is split into areas with names so that the children can easily identify where they want to play and what they want to play with and we encourage the children to choose for themselves the activities that most interest them.

Each Group has their own educational plan which the children help develop. The plans for each group can be viewed in the Reception Area.

Spanish for Toddlers

Our Spanish teacher visit’s us on a Tuesday morning as part of our weekly routine. The children in our Educare room participate in a weekly Spanish lesson which are specifically designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Each lesson is highly interactive and encompasses play, music, drama, puppets and creative arts and the children love taking part.

Play Areas

We encourage our children to be Little Experimenter’s and have a variety of indoor/outdoor play activities using natural materials. We also have a Junior IT Suite full of interactive, age-appropriate, educational games and activites which the children love to use! We have a Role Play area for imaginative play and areas for Maths and Science related activities and much, much more!

Feel free to drop in to view our facilities. No appointment necessary.

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