Eco Garden and Environmental Play Project

18th May 2013

It is exciting times at The Learning Zone Nursery! Plans are underway to fully revamp and landscape our back garden area to create an eco-friendly garden and adventure playground for the children.

Our new garden will include:

  • Outdoor Play and Education Equipment – We will have several pieces of children’s play equipment, suitable for all our age groups, within our garden including adventure towers incorporating slides, swings and other fun, enjoyable, traditional children’s activities. Our play equipment will be made of natural, sensory materials and there will be logs to sit on and tables for reading and picnics.
  • Den Building – We will have traditional den making (tents) which we are sure the children will love!
  • Recycling Project – The children will be encouraged to collect recycling to use meaningfully in our garden. Our first project will be to collect 2L plastic bottles and build a greenhouse which we will use to grow a variety of plants, fruit and veg from around the world.
  • Growing Project – The children will love tending to their very own veggie beds. Throughout the year we will be planting and cultivating plants, trees and vegetables which we will be donating to the local community.
  • Bug Hotel – Our children will love exploring our home-made ‘bug hotel’. Specially-made to encourage all sorts of insects and mini beasts to visit our garden, the children will get a chance to observe nature and learn all about insects  in their own back garden.
  • Bird Garden – Ropes of different heights will be attached above our new eco garden for birds to perch so that the children will be able to get a closer look. We will be hanging bird boxes and feeding trays and a bird bath for our flying visitors.
  • Smelly Reflections – We will have different kinds of plants for children to tend, grown and donate to the local community – lavendar, broom, seasonal flowers etc. Children will decorate stones with memories that are important to them and add them to the garden.

Our garden area is a secure area where your children will be able to enjoy the natural outdoor environment and gain plenty of opportunities to enhance their development through fine and gross motor skills i.e. riding bicycles, hopping, skipping, climbing, jumping, throwing, catching and lots, lots more.

For more information on our Eco Garden and Play Project, or for ways you can get involved, we will be happy to put you in touch with a representative from our Parents Association.

At The Learning Zone, we aim to bring the inside learning area outdoors for the children.

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